About Our Founder

kavita khemka   

The owner and founder of Matematika. Matematika is a Croatian name for mathematics. I am based in Mumbai and am coaching students throughout the world. About Us
Math is indeed the most beautiful language of the universe. I strongly believe that Learning is about making connections and not just calculations. At ‘Matematika’, we teach students how to become a mathematical thinker and not just a calculator.

I train students from jr kg to grade 8 for different types of competitive exams for math and GK.  My students have won gold and silver medals in many national and international competitions. I help them with their regular school syllabus as well. I started my teaching career with only 3 students and today the number is countless.
Hum to akele hi chale the... kafila apne aap banta chala gaya.

Teaching is my passion

Whenever i think about the word teacher, only one name comes to my mind and that's Sandeep sir, my digital electronics teacher in my college time. I admire him a lot and try to idolize him as well. I believe a teacher should have a great bond with the students. We always shared a special relationship with him. More than a teacher he was our mentor, our guide and a friend too. He has taught us how to become good humans in life. Same things I want to pass on to my students.